Promo 2018

by Skullsmasher

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Promo for our upcoming debut album. Limited to 25 dubbed cassettes. Tapes available from Nameless Grave Records.

Brandon Corsair - guitars / vocals
Andrew Lee - guitars/ bass / vocals
Gu Ji - drums

Andrew Lee - mixing
Brandon Corsair - layout
Karmazid - cover art / logo



released November 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Skullsmasher Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Mandatory Nuclear Suicide
Rising seas threatening coastlines
Corporations unfazed by useless fines
Voters holding a gun to their own heads
Concerned more about twitter than the dead

Politicians only seek personal power
cloistered from the masses in ivory towers
Denying the people a voice in their fate
only way out is mandatory nuclear suicide
Track Name: Aggressive Vehicular Intimidation
screeching brakes, swerving signals
suddenly cut off in traffic
your blood pressure rises
palms begin to sweat
rational thought disappears in an instant

foot slams on the accelerator
bumper to bumper, following your victim for miles
futile lane changes
attempt to escape are denied by relentless pursuit

long stretches of rural highway
his anxiety mounts as your rage doesn't abate

the chase comes to an end
he pulls to the shoulder in a cloud of dust
reach for the tire iron in the passenger seat
loose gravel crunches under your boots
it's time to teach a
lesson in proper driving etiquette

fucking sideswiped by a car going 110
ejection of the thoracic spine
violent dismemberment
expulsion of your internal organs
foregone conclusion of walking on a highway after roadraging like an idiot
Track Name: Involuntary Dependence
delicate mental constitution
lack of social conditioning
unable to function

paralyzed by self pity and loathing
each day passes as slowly as the seasons

limbs heavy as lead
incontinent panic

noose of lethargy wraps around my throat
my lack of will is all your fault
Track Name: Nasogastric Gavage
forcefed a thick cloud of stinking filth
a sea of coal burning vessels
i'm going to cough up a lung
Track Name: Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery
in the underbelly of Tiphares
rabid mutants lurk
stalking a slavering semimoron
armed with a rocket hammer
thumb depresses the button
jet ignites
accerelerating the impact head
the doctor performs high impact brain surgery
Track Name: Need to Live (Terrorizer cover)
Birth from wound
life begins
sin from start
hell of living
no-one cares
no-one listens
to the cries
of lost defeat

(Need to live)
Why must one
suffer through life
always take second
Price to pay
can't stand society
can't stand lies
Born to live
Then to die

(Need to live)

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